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Join us in making your organization safer and more productive.

Harassment at Work - 34%

Harassment in Public - 66%

Harassment Unreported - 75%

Know Your Culture

Imagine a workplace where men and women work together without distraction or fear. Imagine the productivity and communication you could achieve. The Tribe app offers your employees and consumers the chance to give you an inside look into your organization, in real time.

Collect the Data

Sort through your reports with accurate and detailed data. With convenient and simple reporting, the Tribe App encourages users to be specific and provide as much information as they’d like, while it’s fresh in their mind.

Create Simple Solutions

Take the data of who, when, where to generate cost effective solutions to curb sexual misconduct.   By making sexual harassment reporting simple, your organization can take small reports to ensure you squash harassment before it turns into something terrible.

Download the Tribe App!

Gain a better understanding of your work culture with real-time harassment reporting.

  • Access full reports
  • Simple and easy cultural surveys
  • Receive real-time reporting data
  • Collect accurate and complete data
  • Data analytics
Access full reportsSimple and easy cultural surveysReceive real-time reporting dataCollect accurate and complete dataData analytics

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